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Winklers are wrinklers, but with a cuter, worm-like appearance. Similar to the cookie toys, there is a 1/10,000 chance upon starting the game that all wrinklers will be replaced with "Winklers". Winklers are bright pink, have notably larger eyes, and have their teeth replaced with a shiny dark pink "nose", although their skin remains slightly wrinkly. Winklers are a purely aesthetic change and do not affect gameplay in any way. Clicking on a winkler plays one of several squeak sounds, which were previously reserved for the golden cookie sound selector. Unlike normal wrinklers, winklers do not separate into smaller pieces when popped or clicked on and are unaffected by the "Scary Stuff" option.

Shiny Wrinklers have their own shiny "Winkler" variant. Shiny winklers are a bright cream color and passively emit sparkle effects. A shiny wrinkler has a 1/10,000 chance of replacing a normal wrinkler when one spawns; combined, the chances of a shiny winkler spawning on the first possible chance is 1/100,000,000.


Winter Winkler

Main article: Christmas Season

Their Christmas Season appearance has the "folds" of their body alternate between green and pink, creating a striped pattern that is intended to resemble a candy cane. Shiny winklers have no unique Christmas Season texture.


To turn all Wrinklers into Winklers, use this code in the console:

Game.WINKLERS = 1;

or use this bookmark command:

javascript:Game.WINKLERS = 1;

See also[]

  • Toys, a similarly rare occurrence.


Winklers bear a strong resemblance to Pinkie Pie from children's television show My Little Pony.