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News : what do wrath cookies taste like? Study reveals a flavor "somewhere between blood sausage and seawater".


The Wrath Cookie, as of version 1.041.


The old Wrath Cookie, prior to version 1.041.


The Wrath Cookie during the Halloween season.

Wrath Cookies are negative variants of Golden Cookies. They have the same attributes as Golden Cookies aside from the effects they give.

Wrath Cookies may (or will outright) spawn in place of Golden Cookies if in the Grandmapocalypse, or if Skruuia is slotted. One will also spawn if Force the Hand of Fate from the Grimoire backfires.

Wrath Cookies usually give effects that hinder cookie production, but can rarely give effects present in Golden Cookies. One effect unique to Wrath Cookies, Elder Frenzy, can also rarely be given which dramatically boosts cookie production.


The chance of getting a Wrath Cookie instead of a Golden Cookie depends on the Grandmatriarch's status, which is listed under the Special heading on the Stats tab:

  • Status: Appeased - Chance for Wrath Cookies is 0%.
  • Status: Awoken - Chance for Wrath Cookies is 33%.
  • Status: Displeased - Chance for Wrath Cookies is 66%.
  • Status: Angered - Chance for Wrath Cookies is 100%.

Wrath Cookies also have a 15% chance of being summoned by the Grimoire's Force the Hand of Fate spell.

Using the Skruuia spirit in the Pantheon also causes all cookies to spawn as Wrath, regardless of Grandmatriarch status. Chances for effects that hinder cookie production are also increased.


These numbers are long term probability for clicking wrath cookies only. If Skruuia, Spirit of Scorn is selected in the Pantheon, all cookies will be wrath cookies with different probabilities. See Golden Cookie Probabilities for the detail.

All durations listed, are their base values (not affected by Upgrades, Garden plants, etc).

  • 24.5~25.3% to get "Ruin!":
    • Instantly lose cookies, whichever is less:
      • 5% of cookies banked + 13
      • 10 minutes worth of CpS + 13
  • 24.5~25.3% to get "Clot":
    • x0.5 (halved) CpS
    • Lasts 66 seconds
  • 5.99~6.156% to get "Elder frenzy":
    • x666 CpS
    • Lasts 6 seconds
  • 2.35~2.420% to get "Cursed Finger":
    • CpS set to 0
    • Cookies per click set to raw CpS * Original buff time length
  • 1.77~1.826% to get a "Building Debuff":
    • Random building will be picked, each dividing cookie production by 10%
    • Lasts 30 seconds
    • Must have 10 or more of a building for it to be eligible
    • Each building's effect is unique, so multiple of different buildings can be active at once

The following effects are also present in Golden Cookies:

  • 24.5~25.3% to get "Lucky!"!
  • 2.35~2.420% to get "Click frenzy"
  • 0.44~0.449% to get "Cookie Storm"
  • 4.13~4.262% to get a "Building Special"
  • 0.94~1.194% to get "Dragon Harvest" (requires active Reaper of Fields aura)
  • 0.94~1.194% to get "Dragonflight" (requires active Dragonflight aura)
  • 1.17~1.194% to get "Everything must go"
  • 0.01~0.012% to get "sweet"
  • 0.002% to get "Blab"
  • 6.38~6.56% to start a "Cookie chain"
    • Wrath Cookies will give x10 + 6 cookies instead of a Golden Cookie's x10 + 7
Rewards for Cookie Chain

Max Reward (<=6 hrs CPS)

Cookies in bank required (2x Max Reward)

CpS required

Base CpS required during Frenzy (CpS required/7)

666,666,666 1,333,333,332 30,864 4,409
6,666,666,666 13,333,333,332 308,642 44,092
66,666,666,666 133,333,333,332 3,086,420 440,917
666,666,666,666 1,333,333,333,332 30,864,198 4,409,171
6.666×1012(T) 13.333×1012(T) 308.642×106(M) 44.092×106(M)
66.666×1012(T) 133.333×1012(T) 3.086×109(B) 440.917×106(M)
666.666×1012(T) 1.333×1015(Qa) 30.864×109(B)


Probably the best strategy is to purchase the One Mind upgrade: Golden Cookies still spawn 2/3 of the time and it also gives the benefit of the Wrinklers, increasing the effectiveness of a Frenzy by up to 6 times (or 9.1318 with all the relevant upgrades). This way it gives 6468 times CpS, which is better than the Elder Frenzy thanks to the bigger chance. Plus the benefits of Golden Cookie combos also apply to this method like the Frenzy+Lucky/Clicking Frenzy.

Upon purchase of the Get Lucky upgrade, Golden Cookies are in general more beneficial to players, due to the huge gain of Lucky + Frenzy, or even Clicking Frenzy + Frenzy combo. This is especially viable if the players bank a lot of cookies, as a maximized Lucky nets 2 hours and 20 minutes of cookies alone (and you gain a lot of cookies from Frenzy alone) and an Elder Frenzy only nets 2 hours, 13 minutes, and 12 seconds of cookies. The Clicking Frenzy + Frenzy combo nets approximately 31 seconds of cookies per click, with all mouse upgrades, on top of 7x CpS. The combos also occur more frequently than Elder Frenzy, and the cost of an Elder Pledge is cheap to end game players. With an incredibly great bank, the increased chance of Cookie Chain of Wrath Cookies may make it worthwhile, but the point at which Wrath Cookies are better again is likely much further than CpS*84000. The Ruin effect also stacks with Frenzy, so if you click a Wrath Cookie during a Frenzy, you could potentially lose 7x as many cookies. It is suggested that players who want to take the risk of clicking a Wrath Cookie do so after the end of Frenzy because there is only about a 28.594% (Lucky) + 2.2465% (Click Frenzy) + 6.0715% (Cookie Chain) = 36.912% chance of benefiting, whereas the other 63.088% chance either makes you lose more cookies or ends the Frenzy early. To mitigate the risks of clicking Wrath Cookies, players can save their game beforehand and reload if they receive a negative outcome (also known as save-scumming), although some players may consider this a form of cheating.

Also, if a very high building special debuff or Cursed Finger is gotten, it is advisable to plant expensive seeds (e.g. queenbeets) during this time.

All in all, Golden Cookies are better for end game players or players who value stability and who don't like seeing their hard-earned cookies being lost.


  • Golden Cookie upgrades purchased also affect the Wrath Cookie.
    • Note that Get Lucky increases the duration of the Clot debuff, and therefore increases lost production.
  • If you are only in stage one or two of the Grandmapocalypse ("Awoken" or "Displeased"), then the cookies that appear in the cookie chain will randomly alternate between Gold and Wrath. For example, you may start the chain by clicking a Golden cookie, but the next cookie that appears in the chain could be golden or red, as could the next one and so on.
    • Golden cookies in a cookie chain clicked in a chain during the "Awoken" or "Displeased" stages of the Grandmapocalypse will still give you a variation of 7 cookies for your click (7 for the first, 77 for the second, etc.) This means you can get (about 17% x the probability of golden cookies) more out of each cookie in chains that occur during those stages of the Grandmapocalypse.
  • 666 is popularly portrayed as a significant number in mythology, usually described as "the number of the beast". Thirteen is used because thirteen is considered to be an unlucky number.
  • Each individual Wrath Cookie clicked that was caused by the Cookie Chain is counted as a Golden Cookie click, and thus counts towards related achievements such as Leprechaun.
  • When players don't have the Get Lucky upgrade, Wrath Cookies are potentially more beneficial to players than Golden Cookies. Although there are 2 bad outcomes with a 28.59% chance of happening, compared to 1 good outcome at a 28.59% chance of happening, the introduction of "Elder Frenzy" provides players with 1 hour, 6 minutes, and 36 seconds of income in a mere 6 seconds (which is about twice as productive as getting "Clicking frenzy" without any clicking), which will happen once per about 9.7 bad outcomes. This can offset the negatives of Wrath Cookies. The increased chance for Cookie Chains can also be very beneficial if you don't have a CpS of over 500 million yet, and if one doesn't have enough Golden Cookie clicks for the Get Lucky upgrade. In addition, because wrath chains are more tolerant of low bank than golden chains, about 3% of the time a red-chain will last one more cookie than a gold-chain, which more than offsets the loss of 1/7 of income (statistically, a wrath chain's expected value is 10.7% more than a gold chain on average).
  • You are more likely to get a full cookie chain using Wrath Cookies than you are to start a cookie chain using Golden Cookies; which means that the best way to get the later Golden Cookie Achievements is to stay with Wrath Cookies: the average Wrath Cookie is worth almost 1.6 golden cookies if you have enough cookies for a full chain.
  • By opening multiple windows or tabs, you have multiple chances to click Wrath Cookies until you get one with the desired effect. At that point, one can close all the other tabs/windows and save the game, in order to continue with that particular window/tab. While the cookies that you click will not carry over from one window to another, this increases the odds of getting an Elder Frenzy or Cookie Chain in a shorter amount of time.
  • Before v2.002, Clots and Frenzies were mutually exclusive. If Frenzy was currently active when Clot was activated, the Frenzy would be ended early, and vice versa. An Elder Frenzy would also replace either a Clot or a Frenzy if either was active, and Dragon Harvest worked likewise.
    • As of v2.002, however, all such effects will stack and combine their multipliers, thus making new combinations such as Dragon Harvest/Elder Frenzy possible, however extremely rare. If active at the same time, Clots will now cut in half the benefit of a Frenzy, for an overall times-3.5 multiplier, instead of canceling Frenzy before halving the base CpS, for a divide-by-14 drop from when Frenzy was active.
  • Though the Clot effect may seem a detriment, it can actually be useful in several cases. If Wrath cookies appear often enough, activating one that gives the Ruin effect during a Clot will cut in half the number of cookies lost; and since the price of flipping the Golden Switch is based on the unwithered CpS, a value affected by Frenzy and Clot, flipping the Switch during a Clot will only cost the player half the usual price (as the Switch deactivates Golden/Wrath Cookies, this is only a viable strategy for flipping it on, not off). Similarly, the effect can be used for planting in the Garden, as cookie costs for garden planting are affected by CpS regardless of any withering or effects.
  • Wrath cookies have different appearances depending on the season. Starting with v1.0411, pumpkin cookies can be seen during Halloween Season. During Valentine's Day Season, wrath cookies are represented by an upside-down heart cookie. During Business Day Season, wrath cookies are represented by a red contract. During Easter Season, wrath cookies are represented by red bunnies with large black eyes.
  • According to a news tick, the flavor of a Wrath Cookie is "somewhere between a blood sausage and seawater".
  • When you get a clot, Cursed Finger, Rusted, or Elder Frenzy, and purchase Elder Pledge, the status will not disappear, nor will any unclicked Wrath Cookies.
  • If your first clicked Wrath Cookie is outside of the Grandmapocalypse, it will not give you the achievement.
  • If Cursed Finger is activated while a CpS boosting effect is active and it outlasts the effect clicks will still be boosted to the same amount, which can lead to massive gains should this happens with Elder Frenzy.
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