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Not to be confused with: the person viewing this page, being yourself, of course.

You is a building that was added in the often imitated, never duplicated update; it refers to you, specifically, the player. It is the twentieth and final building in the game, and cost 540 septillion cookies to buy. Your clones produce a base income of 510 trillion CpS.

Unlike the other buildings, You are able to be customized. To customize your clones, simply press the 'Customize' button located on the bottom left corner of the building menu. Doing so will pop up a menu where you can switch the appearance of your clones to whatever you desire. As of July 2nd, 2024, there are 17 hair styles, 18 hair colors, 15 skin colors, 5 head shapes, 10 faces and 36 accessories of types a and b.


Icon Name Description ID
Plain you My own clone Have 1 You. 600
Berrylium you Multiplicity Have 50 You. 601
Blueberrylium you Born for this job Have 100 You. 602
Chalcedhoney you Episode II Have 150 You. 603
Buttergold you Copy that Have 200 You. 604
Sugarmuck you Life finds a way Have 250 You. 605
Jetmint you Overcrowding Have 300 You. 606
Cherrysilver you Strength in numbers Have 350 You. 607
Hazelrald you Army of me Have 400 You. 608
Mooncandy you Know thyself Have 450 You.
"Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and wonder... What is going on inside your head?"
Astrofudge you Didn't make sense not to live Have 500 You. 610
Alabascream you Genetic bottleneck Have 550 You. 611
Iridyum you Despite everything, it's still you Have 600 You. 612
Glucosmium you Everyone everywhere all at once Have 650 You. 613
Glimmeringue you Introspection Have 700 You. 636
Self-made Self-made Make 10 nonillion cookies just from You. 614
Reproducible results Reproducible results Make 100 undecillion cookies just from You. 615
That's all you That's all you Make 1 quattuordecillion cookies just from You. 616
Self-improvement Self-improvement Reach level 10 You. 617
Grandma Background In her likeness [note 1]
(shadow achievement)
Shape your clones to resemble grandmas.
"There she is."


Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Plain you Cloning vats Own 1 You Money 5.4 octillion You are twice as efficient.
"You can finally replicate yourself through modern medical science, instead of manually like you've been doing."
Berrylium you Energized nutrients Own 5 You Money 27 octillion You are twice as efficient.
"Your clones are normally cultivated in saline solution and fed what could most adequately be described as "fish flakes". New developments in lactotrophic technology replace this with a bath of 3 parts milk and 1 part rice vinegar, absorbed dermally, which also helps your clones pop out with positively glowing skin."
Blueberrylium you Stunt doubles Own 25 You Money 270 octillion You are twice as efficient.
"More than simple multipliers of efficiency, you've taken to employing your clones as substitutes for any tasks that may prove harmful to you - such as visiting your more hazardous facilities, or enduring dinner with annoying business partners."
Chalcedhoney you Clone recycling plant Own 50 You Money 27 nonillion You are twice as efficient.
"Really just a fanciful name for a re-orientation center, where jobless clones may be assigned new tasks based on temperament and abilities. Categorically not a place where expired or unfit clones are processed into a nutritious beige paste, currently."
Buttergold you Free-range clones Own 100 You Money 2.7 decillion You are twice as efficient.
"Turns out your clones develop better focus, higher job performance and juicier meat if you let them roam around a little outside of assigned duties. Plus it gets the ethics committees off your back."
Sugarmuck you Genetic tailoring Own 150 You Money 270 decillion You are twice as efficient.
"No point in mindlessly replicating mother nature's mishaps when you've got full mastery over the human genome. Imbuing your clones with a slightly more flattering physique, a slightly improved metabolism, or slightly deadlier laser eyes is as easy as pushing some stem cells around. Just don't build them too superior to your own self, lest they get any ideas."
Jetmint you Power in diversity Own 200 You Money 270 undecillion You are twice as efficient.
"On your routine inspections you've started noticing that some of your clones have... diverged. Subtly, each clone's personality has branched off from yours, their shifting minds pulling them into discrete clone-born cultures, microcosms of other paths you yourself could've taken had life treated you differently. This living tree of possibilities proves to be a boon for your self-knowledge and decision-making skills, and you don't even have to pester your alternate selves in other realities for it."
Cherrysilver you Self-betterment Own 250 You Money 270 duodecillion You are twice as efficient.
"World domination starts with oneself, and quality clones cannot be reliably produced if you, the original stock, are not in proper shape. Your specialists have devised a maintenance regimen that could extend your lifespan tenfold and even get rid of your morning grumpiness; you may have summarily fired every physician so far who's suggested that you work on your diet and perhaps cut down on the cookies, but frankly, you're warming up to the idea."
Hazelrald you Source control Own 300 You Money 270 tredecillion You are twice as efficient.
"In the ongoing refinement of your genetic clones, the few gigabytes of your DNA have been passed around through e-mail attachments and USB keys a thousand times over and at this point your nucleosomes are practically common knowledge for anyone who works here. You're thinking people may be getting a little too casual about it - the other day, you walked past an office where one of your bioengineers was feeding treats to this horrid little hairless animal that you could swear had your face. High time to start tracing which data gets in whose hands and crack down on the silliness."
Mooncandy you United workforce Own 350 You Money 270 quattuordecillion You are twice as efficient.
"What good is hiring so many of those random strangers to work in your factories when you've got all these perfectly loyal lab-grown copies of you lying around? They don't even take wages. It's not like they'd ever revolt and try to overthrow you or anything."
Astrofudge you Safety patrols Own 400 You Money 2.7 sexdecillion You are twice as efficient.
"Okay, so as it turns out mass-producing clones of a perhaps psychologically-complicated universe-spanning cookie magnate like yourself can result in a number of said clones developing what could be considered by some to be... say, antisocial behavior. No worries though, you've bred a new generation of extra-obedient copies, armed them to the teeth and given them full authority to deal with disorderly layabouts. It's fine. It's under control. It's fine."
Alabascream you Clone rights Own 450 You Money 27 septendecillion You are twice as efficient.
"Those vile little freaks in suits down in legal inform you that your clones, through some absurd technical oversight, still share enough genetic information with mankind to be considered human beings - which entitles them to food, shelter, basic dignity and all sorts of other nonsense. But the same loophole allows you to claim each of them as dependents and earn some wicked tax benefits, so really, that "unalienable rights" racket is quite alright."
Iridyum you One big family Own 500 You Money 270 octodecillion You are twice as efficient.
"The proportion of clones in your workforce having long eclipsed that of your other employees, you've become legally approved to qualify your galaxy-spanning corporation as a "family business" - a fact that you don't hesitate to blast twice hourly on every intercom in the company. Happily, your duplicates seem bolstered by these reminders, having come to regard you as this half-divine, half-parental entity, hallowed ancestor of all clones and all cookies. You're just hoping your folks at the labs can put the finishing touches on your immortality cure soon, or you shudder to think of the inheritance disputes to come."
Glucosmium you Fine-tuned body plans Own 550 You Money 2.7 vigintilion You are twice as efficient.
"There is, after all, no reason to limit your genetic spawn to your original configuration. The clones maintaining your tunnels and vents can do with quite a few less limbs, while those working your labs don't mind the dexterity that comes with some extra. Your units down in flavor testing have taken on similar adaptations to fit their duties but you haven't quite worked the guts to pay them a visit just yet."
Glimmeringue you Reading your clones bedtime stories Own 600 You Money 27 unvigintilion You are twice as efficient.
"I don't know, they seem to like it."

Other Upgrades[]

Other upgrades 
Icon Name Unlock condition Base price Description ID
Grandma icon Clone grandmas 15 You and 1 grandma owned Money 27 octillion Grandmas are twice as efficient. You gain +1% CpS per 18 grandmas.
"Yet another grandma to replicate even more cookies."
Accelerated development Accelerated development 15 time machines, 15 you and "Synergies Vol. I" purchased Money 108 nonillion Time machines gain +5% CpS per You.
You gain +0.1% CpS per time machine.
"Your clones may grow a little faster than your vanilla human being, but it's still a little silly having to wait so many years for them to reach a usable age. A quick trip in your time machines takes care of that; it doesn't technically age them faster, they're just sent to another point in time for a while where they live out a formative youth."
Peer review Peer review 75 javascript consoles, 75 you and "Synergies Vol. II" purchased Money 108 undecillion Javascript consoles gain +5% CpS per You.
You gain +0.1% CpS per javascript console.
"Code is only as good as the number of eyes on it, so imagine how flawlessly your systems could operate if you had endless copies of yourself triple-checking everything! Just make sure to teach them proper indenting etiquette."
Fortune you Fortune #020 Random fortune from news ticker Money 42 septendecillion You are 7% more efficient and 7% cheaper.
"No matter how hard you try, you're never truly alone."
Unshackled you Unshackled You
(heavenly upgrade)
"Unshackled cortex bakers" purchased MoneyHC 19.2 quadrillion Tiered upgrades for You provide an extra +10% production.
Only works with unshackled upgrade tiers.
"Guess who?"


Unlike most other buildings, a You has the possibility to be named. Hovering over a You in the building section will reveal its Clone number ID, Roman Numeral ID, or possibly a different name entirely.

Default You names
# is an included number ID. # is an included Roman numeral ID.
Experiment #
Attempt #
[Name of Bakery] #
[Name of Bakery] # Electric Boogaloo
[Name of Bakery] "[random]" McClone
[Name of Bakery], again
[Name of Bakery], The Next Generation
[Name of Bakery], the sequel
[Name of Bakery] reborn
[Name of Bakery] in the flesh
[Name of Bakery], part #
Also [Name of Bakery]
Not [Name of Bakery]
Revenge of [Name of Bakery]
Lil' [Name of Bakery]
Mini-[Name of Bakery]
The Return of [Name of Bakery]
The Other [Name of Bakery]
[Name of Bakery] (remixed)



  • You are the only building whose store icon has color when not unlocked.
  • Hovering over certain clones may cause 1-2 wrinklers to start wiggling rapidly. What this means is unknown.



  1. This achievement can be obtained by setting your clone to have Hair 10, Hair color 2 or 7, any Skin color, Head shape 3 or 4, and either Extra-A/B being 3 or 4, with the other being 1. (Example import code: 10,2,2,3,7,3,1)
    Note that if imported, the game does not perform the likeness check to see if the details match the achievement specifications, thus one aspect has to be changed manually in the editor itself.

the current working import code for in her likeness is ( 9,1,1,2,3,0,3)

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